[VIDEO] How to use the Menu Attributes module for Drupal 6

I just recorded this video showing how to use the Menu Attributes module for Drupal 6. I'm still getting used to recording so please excuse flawed delivery :)

I'll be posting a transcription with some screenshots later this week you prefer that way of learning.

You can download the module here.


Thanks. Nice video

Another could-should-be-part-of-the-Drupal-7-core-module. Great work.

Great video, and an even greater module! I need to create link to external pages and wanted to open new windows. This gives me this very easily - well done!

Hey Schoonz,

I like the video dude, really cool stuff. Your voiceover is really clear. If I could ask you a production question man - what software did you use for the video screen capturing?

This is a great module, and the video helped a lot.

thank you.

I've just started Drupaling ... have 50 modules in sites/all/modules and over 400 culled to evaluate (Whew!).

It's amazing that this functionality has not previously been provided. Thanks much!

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--> Ness

A nice feature could be auto populating with some tokens similar to the module "page titles".

Thanks for this nice module.



Token integration would be amazing!

Nice work - great module and video explanation.

Do the fields add anything to the html if they are left blank? Like if you leave the Rel box empty... does the html even have that attribute or does it render the html as rel=""?
Thank you!
~ Jim

I was looking for way to css style single-line menu entries differently than double-line and this did the trick.

Integration to core would be helpful.

I would think adding in the functions of the http://drupal.org/project/menu_firstchild would be helpful

I recently installed the menu attributes Module and I can see the Mnue attributes page, but when I go to add A new Item to the Primary Link Menu, I do not have the Drop down box that you show in your video @1:40. I can not figure out why it is not displaying.THis is on the Acquia Marina theme Drupal version 6.15

Module was added in Drupal 6 but the Menu attributes link is not showing up in add menu item page

Great module, just what I needed! The funny thing is that I've searched and search the net for a module to do what this one does and couldn't find it. Then, yesterday I stumbled on it while downloading something totally unrelated at drupalmodules.com. :)

anyway to change the class and add a ID to the

    outside the menu?

    I would like to say thank you to author of these articles on this site. I read all of these articles and i need to read some new articles. I've watched a video on youtube about this topic for now and i loved it. Also it is one of the rarely topic on this site.

    See you on a new topic...

    Thanku for the video. But how did u change or how did you get that CSS style open. I followed ur steps but I can't get thar CSS open

    can you style the menu with this module, give different colors, and add jquery?