Taking another look at the image module

Image handling in Drupal is a hot topic. Most users agree that there should be a solution in core but there are so many different cases that it’s unlikely that one general solution is going to cut it. I’m not here to debate one way or another because I’ve built sites using Imagefield + Imagecache and others using just IMCE and TinyMCE, but one module that I haven’t explored for a very long time is the Image module.

When I started using Drupal in version 4.6, the Image module was pretty much the only solution. Since I couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted back then, I’ve pretty much avoided it since. When I decided to try it out again this week (because IMCE doesn’t yet work with the Wysiwyg API) I was pleasantly surprised. It integrates nicely with TinyMCE and works very well with Image Resize Filter. It also makes sense to store images as nodes when they’re added to the body text, especially for non-technical users (even when I thought it was a bad idea in the past).

I don’t want to fuel any debates about which image solution is the best, but if you haven’t checked out the Image module in a while it’s probably worth your time. Drupal has come a long way and modules that you might have sworn never to use again back then may have also changed a lot as well.


While building my blog I also felt the need to give the Image module a second chance. And it works like a charm!

I also gave up on the image module. Just didn't have the time to get it working right and had to abandon those ideas.