redirecting to (or other languages)

I had a weird problem with Google this week at work where Google thought that I was in Japan and therefore redirected me to It was working fine for me during the morning, but all of a sudden every search I did took me to and returned results in Japanese. This happened for at least two other people in the office.

It started when someone complained that his Google was defaulting to Japan. We didn’t think much of it because he recently lived in Japan for 6 years and his wife is Japanese, so we thought it might have been cookied or set on his computer somehow. When it started happening to the rest of us we knew something was up.

Google Reader turns JapaneseIt didn’t just happen with Google Search either, my Google Reader was also affected, which I run through Prism, so it couldn’t have been affected by me FireFox settings.

To fix it, all we needed to do was goto which seems to reset the localisation and brought us back to

Has anyone else had this problem and you worked out the cause? We don’t run any proxies and the IP address we were using resolved to a Brisbane data center, so I’m a bit lost.


I ended up with the same problem thanks for the fix, Now i have to look at the source code for to figure out what it does to reset the google website. I am just a home user, maybe by figuring out what the page does to do the reset I can find out what information was changed in the first place and track down the cause that way. I will get back to you within a couple weeks when I have time to read through the page source code.

Thanks for the fix! I was quite flustered this morning when both of my computers started routing to I couldn't figure out how to reset or why it was being misdirected and I was having trouble remembering what I did B.G. (Before Google) only temporarily fixed it for me


This just started happening to me yesterday too... very strange.

Been having this problem for 4 days now. Also Adwords seems to have gone crazy when trying to link through to analytics account. Just won't let me. Also EXTREMELY SLOW!!!! Come on Google.