EA using Drupal on Battlefield-Heroes.com

I was just having a look around the Battlefield Heroes website and noticed a familiar footprint in some of the elements that give away almost all Drupal sites. It’s great to see EA using Drupal for one of their official game sites.

They have linked the Drupal user module into the main EA account system, but after creating an account it returns you to the familiar /user/<uid> page.

Drupal's update.php script redirecting to homepage and not updating

While upgrading a couple of different Drupal (5.x) sites, I ran into an annoying issue where the update.php script just redirected to the sites homepage after the "Select Version" page. The server in question has PHP's mod_security enabled which has caused some problems with other sites in the past, so I think it's related to that, but I'm not totally sure.

Any way, the fix is to add the following line of code to your update.php script before line 794

How to track Drupal comments as goals in Google Analytics

I was inspired by this episode of SEOMoz's whiteboard friday where Rand talks about tracking non-traditional conversions (like when someone posts a comment on your blog) so I decided to check out how easy this was to do in Drupal.

Only able to share you Google Apps calendar with the permission "See only free / busy (hide details)"?

I've recently moved from my all in one Outlook setup to separate Google Apps for your domain instances which I'm really loving, but one thing that was bugging me was not being able to see my calendar from my other domains. I was able to share the calendar fine, but it was only giving me the option to share it with the permission "See only free / busy (hide details)", so I could see when I had things scheduled in my other calendar's but not what they were.

You've got 50 milliseconds, so make it count

This week I was searching for online backup solutions at work so I did a quick Google search for and clicked 3 or 4 of the AdWords ads that appeared. One of the sites that I came across had a landing page that looked like this:

Salesforce.com for Google Apps

Google has just announced Salesforce.com for Google Apps. This is something that I'm really excited about because we use Salesforce.com as our CRM system and we also work with several large enterprise clients to integrate their web marketing with their Salesforce.com CRM system.

Using the TinyMCE template plugin in Drupal

On my RC news blog there are quite a few elements that are used on a regular basis in news posts (eg specifications tables, etc). It's a major pain in the ass recreating these elements again and again, and now that I've got a few other writers on board, it's getting hard to keep everything consistent.

How to setup FeedBurner Stats on Drupal

FeedBurnerI just setup FeedBurner Stats tracking code on this blog and had a few problems with the Drupal code that FeedBurner supplies. The main problem is that it doesn't get the proper page URL when put into a block.

Putting javascript tracking codes in blocks has a number of benefits, the main ones being that you can use the block visibility settings to show it only for specific user roles (eg - not site administrators).

The code that Feedburner provide is:

New Graph By options in Google Analytics

I just logged into to Google Analytics this morning and saw a new feature they have released as beta that allows you to group the points on the graph by Day, Week and Month. In the past it has always put one point for each day, no matter how long you set the date range to be. This is really useful if you want to see how much your visits have improved each month for 6 / 12 / 24 months.

Here is the data graphed by day (this should look very familiar).

Salesforce.com on FireFox 3 is super fast

Salesforce.comI have been using Safari for Windows when using Salesforce.com for the past 3 months or so because it was just so much faster than using Firefox. Firefox 2 really didn't cope with all the javascript widgets in Salesforce and even if it was the only tab open, it would take ages to render each page.